iPhono3 Black Label






iPhono3 Black Label聽起來很棒。聆聽您的唱片。


iPhono3 Black Label具有令人震驚的超低85dB噪底(根據Stereophile標準)。最安靜的唱機階段之一。期。




AMR PH-77是擁有12,000美元的同級產品,具有23條均衡曲線,至今仍是乙烯基基準。iPhono3 Black Label中使用的流下降技術意味著它具有6種最受歡迎的立體聲EQ曲線。

嘗試臭名昭著的1812年序曲“酷刑測試”。不會再一樣了。iPhono3 Black Label會讓您在凌晨幾個小時內嘗試“再增加一個LP”。



iPhono3黑色標籤(類似於其下降的AMR PH-77)使您可以為所擁有的墨盒設置精確的裝填/增益。從您的寶貴拾音器中擠出每一滴性能。


只需設置一次。坐吧 請享用。


iPhono 3 Black Label佔用空間小,下面是A類TubeState和DirectDrive Servoless技術。由AMR專門為iFi音頻開發。






iPhono3黑色標籤+ iPower X =超級雙核。

The ‘magic’ of tubes from solid-state.

Our Class A TubeState® technology is the result of nearly four decades of research of our Chief Designer, Thorsten Loesch, on tube and transistor gear.

The key is not to add distortion, but to avoid certain types of distortion. Once it is understood that specific distortions are endemic to solid-state circuitry and are pernicious with respect to subjective sound quality, we eliminate these from solid-state circuitry, without adding on tube-like distortion and noise.

Precisely match up LP equalisation! Listen to vinyl recordings in the original and correct way. When so much is invested in an audio system, to leave out the final few percent of correctly matching the equalisation to the LP is almost sacrilege. Our list of LP recommendations with their precise EQ curve will show you how using the correct EQ curve makes one heck of a difference! We reckon you probably have some of our picks in your collection.

Look, mum. No output coupling capacitor.

Direct Drive Servoless® is an important element of the audiophile experience, which is not visible in measurements but is quite audible.

Unlike a standard phono stage design, the iPhono3 Black Label continues the special design tradition of being direct coupled (i.e. no coupling capacitor) from cartridge to output and it does so without requiring a conventional DC servo.

In the iPhono3 Black Label the unique DC-Infinity circuit boosts the circuits DC gain to approach infinity (it is approximately 1 trillion one million times one million; 1012).

Once the feedback loop is closed, this near-infinite DC gain cancels all offset voltages to deliver a direct-coupled output with 0V DC offset. The key to the DC-Infinity circuit is that it only changes the gain below approx. 0.01Hz, while leaving the AC behaviour of the circuit at higher frequencies unchanged, injecting neither noise nor distortion into the audio signal.

Any noise and distortion of the DC-Infinity circuit happens at the same signal level as the output signal and is by design around 100 times less than the noise and distortion of the actual amplifier circuit, so compared to the actual phono stage noise and distortion it effectively disappears.

Nichion audio-grade capacitors, Panasonic OSCON/ECPU capacitors, MELF resistors, TDK C0G capacitors…the list goes on.

The iPhono3 Black Label is jam-packed. Take a look at its internals.

Brand new power supply tech to power the iPhono3 Black Label.

iPower X. What’s not to love?

  • Frequency Response 10Hz – 100KHz (±0.3dB) 20Hz – 20kHz (±0.2dB)
  • Dynamic Range MM (36dB): > 108dB (A-weighted) MC (60dB): > 106dB (A-weighted)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio MM (36dB): > 85dB (A-weighted re. 5mV) MC (60dB): > 85dB (A-weighted re. 0.5mV)
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